(photo - Rick)
Why does the Rotary year end on June 30? The official explanation dates back to 1913 and involves auditors, and the date of the annual RI convention.
You can read about it here www.rotary.org/en/history-why-rotary-year-begins-1-july
For our own "Changeover" dinner we were told to wear something "colourful" so the atire varied from Hawian shirts to Tartan vests - there was even a kilt!
Sarah was our very capable MC for the evening and as well as the formal handing over of the chains of office from Cameron to Fiona we had a Paul Harris Fellow (Sapphire) pin presentation to Lynne, Life Membership conferred on June Mills, and even a sing-along of John Lennons "Imagine" in recognition of the RI Presidents theme for the coming year. The three course meal was "Pie" themed with appropriate wine pairings personally chosen by incoming President Fiona.
Special thanks to our entertainer Cole for background music and drum rolls as required.
(photo - Jackie)