Phil Ker the CEO of the Otago Polytechnic outlined the Polytechnic and the Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) reforms at our August 15 meeting. Click through below for write-up. Photo: Ron Palenski

All of the Polytechnics around NZ will be formed into a single NZ Institute of Skills and Training Institute from 1 April 2020.  Otago Polytechnic and SIT have been successful institutions, but there are some Polytechnics in NZ that are struggling.  Part of this is because the sector has had a decade of no CPI adjustments.   Phil is supportive of the intent of the reforms, but it is important that this new institution is agile, responsive and innovative.  The new model can have the best of both worlds, it does need to centralise some functions, but needs to maintain some local autonomy.  There will be 2 years to bed in the new Institution, which will allow Otago Polytechnic and SIT the opportunity to show that they can do an even better job than what was done previously.    Phil hopes to see some local autonomy retained to Polytechnics that prove that they are capable.  Phil thanked the local community for the support that they have received and he remains optimistic.  The new Board for the national Institute has been announced, and Kathy Grant the Chair of the Otago Polytechnic is on this group.  Phil has agreed to stay at the Otago Polytechnic until June 2020, to help to transition the Polytechnic into the new structure.     

Virginia Nicholls