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We meet Thursdays at 12:30 PM
Cobb & Co Restaurant
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Anna Kaarill spoke to our Club on Thursday June 13th about the highlights of her year in New Zealand. A copy of Anna's presentation can be downloaded here.

Our speaker on 6 June 2019 was Jane Ludemann. 

Jane was diagnosed with ovarian cancer two years ago at the age of 32 and she told us about her life prior to her diagnosis of cancer, her fight with the disease, and her story in creating an initial charity. 

Jane is a young woman who has everything to live for. She has a mathematics degree and works as an optometrist. She has been a keen tramper, half marathon runner and rock climber. As well as this Jane has been a competition debater. 

Women in Rotary, like water on stone, it took a long time. 

June Mills gave us an eye opening talk on the long and slow progress to admit women into Rotary Clubs around the world. First credit goes to the Rotary Club in India, for its 1950 proposal to delete ‘male’ from the Rotary Constitution. In 1964 Rotary Ceylon also tried, and then in 1972 the US was not successful. 

In 1977 three unsuccessful proposals are made to the Rotary Convention. However the Rotary Club of Duarte, acts on its own and admits women. Its membership of Rotary International is terminated in March 1978. In 1983 the California Court upholds the decision, but in 1986 the decision is reversed. This is appealed in the US Supreme Court and on 4th May 1987 it decides Rotary cannot exclude women on the basis of gender. By June 1990 there are 20,200 female Rotarians worldwide. 

June joined on 7th Sept 1995 and she with Astrid Winfur, were the first women into our club, from a decision made by Pres. Stuart Heal, and invited to join by member John Heslop. John and his wife Barbara, had many debates on the subject of women’s possible rotary membership, sometimes with June listening. 

It seems that other Rotary clubs had been somewhat sceptical that Dunedin would ever invite women, but history has shown that significant progress has been made, and the Dunedin and all Rotary clubs, are all the better, for those who took the first steps. 

There are now 24 confirmed cases of polio this year – 7 in Afghanistan and 17 in Pakistan – all as a result of the ongoing hostilities along the border between the two countries.
When you read the stories included on the attached link, you will understand the difficulty of the situation and the bravery of our volunteers. Bill Gates leaves no doubt on the absolute vital nature of ongoing support from Rotary – along with his commitment. Please find attached information on what is being done to address the challenging situation in Pakistan.


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